Transfer Time Calculator

Here's a calculator to determine how long a large file transfer will take.  This will no doubt be handy if you're planning to migrate data over the WAN, migrate servers from one data center to another, or planning to backup big data.

In my previous post, I provided a Throughput Calculator. I highly recommend that you calculate the actual throughput of your link before trying to calculate the transfer time.  You might be surprised about how inefficient your transfer might be.  You might be quite far from getting the theoretical throughput of the link.

Once you've determined your actual throughput, you can use the calculator below to determine how long it will take to transfer a large file.  Enter the throughput and the size of the data to be transferred, then the resulting time required will be displayed.

Transfer Time Calculator
Data Size:

Time Required:

I hope you find this helpful!


RayK4E said...

Maybe I'm missing something, but if I know I can transfer 4Gb/hour and I need to transfer 80Gb then simple math dictates that 80/4=20 hours. No? When I use the calculator it results in 160 hours as the "Time Required"

Brian said...

RayK4E you are mixing your units, a gigabyte (GB) is 8 gigabits (Gb).

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