PowerShell Scripts Repository

The ITAdminTools.com PowerShell Scripts Repository. We've been meaning to make the switch to PowerShell. Not everyone loves Perl like we do. So here we go. We're busy posting PowerShell versions of some of our most popular Perl scripts. More to come.  Requests welcome!  Use our contact form or send us a message on Twitter.

Add Administrators to Multiple Servers using PowerShell
Backup DFS NameSpaces using PowerShell
Translate Active Directory Name Formats using PowerShell
List Linux Users in Active Directory using PowerShell
Enable Trust for Delegation in AD using PowerShell

Calculating TCP/IP Subnets with PowerShell
TCP/IP Subnet Math - What AD Site is that Server in?

Active Directory
List Sites and Subnets in Active Directory with PowerShell
Find Disabled Users in Active Directory with PowerShell
List Forest-wide Group Memberships with PowerShell
Find Old Computer Accounts in AD with PowerShell
List SPNs in Active Directory with PowerShell
List Domain Controllers in Active Directory

Office Communication Server
Read the MSRTCSIP-UserPolicy Attribute with PowerShell
Read OCS User Properties with PowerShell
List OCS Policies with PowerShell

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