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Perl scripts for Active Directory, Windows Server 2008, Office Communication Server (OCS), and more:  I've seen people searching the site specifically for Perl scripts.  Here is the master list.  We'll keep this updated whenever we add more Perl scripts.  Lately we've been adding PowerShell scripts, but in our hearts, we really love Perl.  Let's face it, there's a lot of Perl in PowerShell, and there's a reason:  Perl rocks!  Going forward, we'll endeavor to provide examples in both languages.

Active Directory Perl Tutorial
How to install Perl and start running scripts
The basics of connecting to AD objects
How to create a new user and add them to a group
Enumerating Active Directory Group Members
Walking the directory tree and searching AD like a database

Active Directory: Search and Name Translation
Search Active Directory with ADODB (Perl)
Name Translator (Perl)

Active Directory: Finding Disabled Users and Old Computers
Find Disabled Users in Active Directory
Find Old Computer Accounts in Active Directory

Active Directory: SPN's and Delegation
Find SPN in Active Directory
Enable Constrained Delegation
Enable Trust for Delegation

Active Directory: Miscellaneous
Exploring the Configuration Context
Enumerate TokenGroups
List Servers in Active Directory
Creating and Maintaining Shadow Groups

Windows Related Scripts
Read the Windows Event Log with Perl
Fix Folder Redirection Permissions
Find Compressed Folders
Change DNS and WINS Settings
Set Environment Variables Remotely
Create a Cluster Resource
Add Local Administrators
Registry Access
Find Old User Directories
TNSNAMES.ORA over the Network
Reading Data from SQL

Office Communication Server (OCS)
Read an OCS User's Properties
Enable an OCS User
How to set the msRTCSIP-UserPolicy Attribute
How to read the msRTCSIP-UserPolicy Attribute
Read OCS Policies
Set OCS Policies
List OCS Users
Enable OCS Archiving

List Linux Users in Active Directory


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