Convert PDF Files to eBook Formats for Your Kindle or Other eReader

How to convert PDF files into native eReader formats for easier viewing using free Calibri eBook Management:  There are lots of eBooks and other reading material out there in PDF format.  That's fine if you are going to read it on a desktop monitor or print it out on paper, but on your little eReader, PDFs are a problem because you can't adjust the font size.  If you zoom in to make the fonts readable, then you can only see one side of the page, and you have to page left to right every time you read a line.  True eReader file formats like AZW, MOBI and EPUB are designed to scale to font size on request, and wrap the text correctly for the size of your screen.

There's free software called Calibri eBook Management, available at that can convert PDF to various eBook formats.  There's a version for Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX.  I have a Kindle, which supports the MOBI format, so I use Calibri to convert PDFs to MOBI before I copy them onto my Kindle.

After you've downloaded and installed the software, use the Add Books menu item to bring PDF books into your Calibri library, then use the Convert Books menu item to convert them to a format that your eReader supports.  Large books can take a few minutes to convert depending on the speed of your computer.

Once converted and copied to your eReader, you'll be able to size the fonts.  Happy reading!


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