Installing VMware Tools on Fedora 15 32-bit

Solved: Installing VMware Tools on Fedora 15 32-bit.  I just installed the 32-bit version of Fedora 15 Linux in a VM under vSphere 5.  After the install, I tried to install VMware Tools, and ran into some trouble.  During the run of the, it couldn't find the kernel header files.  I searched around, and found several posts that tell you what to do, but it didn't work for me.  Here's what they tell you to do:

Open a terminal and su to root.  Then type the following:

yum install gcc make kernel-devel kernel-headers

I think this probably fixes the problem on the 64-bit version, but the 32-bit version is running a PAE kernel.  So, to make VMware tools work on the 32-bit version, we need to add the kernel-PAE-devel, so type:

yum install gcc make kernel-devel kernel-headers kernel-PAE-devel

After yum completes, reboot.  Now you should have all the dependencies installed and we can proceed with the VMware Tools install.

In the vSphere client, right-click your Fedora VM, and select guest - install VMware Tools.  The window should pop up on your Fedora desktop.  Open the tar file and extract to a new folder.  Next, open a terminal, su to root, and change directory to the folder where you extracted the files.

Now type ./ and accept all the defaults.  You should be good to go.  Good luck!

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